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PRINCE2™ overview

PRINCE2™ is a widely accepted project management methodology. It can be applied to any project regardless of project size, type geography or culture. We do this by isolating the management aspects of a project from the specialist work of designers, architects, busniness analysts, programmers, quality analysts, implementation and support people.

The structure of PRINCE2™ is in four integrated parts. The titles of which you can now see in the left hand navigation panel.

There are seven principles, seven themes, a range of processes which may or may not be nexessary for your project and a number of management products that need to be produced. There are also some checklists for your delight and delectation that help you take the pulse of your project management work.

Established and proven best practice for project management since 1996.

Can be applied to any sort of project, writing, civil engineering, software engineering and beekeeping.

It provides a common vocabluary across organisations, cultures and timezones.

Roles and responsibilites clearly defined and agreed. Accountability is the key.

It reveals who will deliver which products, when, where and to whom.

The composite plan provides the necessary information needed at different parts of the orhganisation(s).

Management by exception if exceptional management.

It does not allow you or your team for forget why we're doing this. If it no longer has a market or fits the bill then throw it away.

It encourages the Goldilocks amount of reporting.

Stakeholders are properly represented, whether they want to or not.

It promotes continual improvement within an organisation.

All project are consistent across organisations. Readily resource your project with effective and well trained staff.

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