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Our service to select and configure your new PC according to your business or personal needs. We will also migrate your old data, contacts, files and emails to your new hardware and configure it seamlessly. We will also setup backup and restore facilities if required.

Your computermabob playing up? Click on this link and call us.

<SCI>portal ~ our secure remote support portal.

Is our web authoring service. We will discuss your <SCI>ber requirements and build you a website with a metadata strategy that will get your site noticed through search engine optimisation (SEO).

A range of friendly training modules including an introduction to personal computers. Perhaps you would like to save time updating spreadsheets and documents or maybe read and reply to emails a little more easily? Then <SCI>college is the college for you. We can come to your house if you like or visit our lovely home here in WoT.

Provides an authoring service. This is both a creative pursuit and a technical authoring service that will turn your impenetrable technical manuals into approachable, easy to read and entertaining reference material.

Will provide you with photographic evidence of your event. Race meetings a specialty.


Is our premier Business Organisation service and where we apply our full range of business analysis, quality, risk, project, programme and stakeholder management capabilities. Formulating a business case, it's budget, setting out a plan, then carefully and methodically driving that plan to completion.

Our business analysis specialty service. Providing a clear and concise connection between your sales, marketing, finance and technology divisions.

A service which provides an insight to the risks associated with your programme or project. We will also provide you with insight from our knowledge base of previously identified risks as to how to mitigate those risks or work closely with your teams to develop new ones.

our software quality assurance service, our quality analysts will rigorously define the required functions and assure the fidelity of your software to your original business specification.

Is our fixed price trouble shooting service. We review a chosen corporate organizational glitch and provide a swift summary of our thoughts on the situation and an outline proposal for a solution.

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