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A glossary of term for the use of...

A risk response to a threat where a conscious and deliberate action to retain (live with) the it. The threat should be monitored to make sure it is still tolerable.

Advanced Persistent Threat. A pervasive, insidious computer hack that gains a foothold in an organisation's technology and stays there, resisting removal while extracting industrial, financial and military information and sending it to the hackers.

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, a line where the upload speed is different from the download speed. Usually the download speed is much greater.

The point at which the project is mandated.

A weB LOG, a personal journal posted to the internet. The entries are in chronological orders and require miminal technical understanding to maintain.

Business case
The justification for a project that typically contains costs, benefits, risks and timescales. The continuing viability of a project is tested against it.

General purpose machinery with teeny tiny people running about inside doing clever things with numbers and pictures and stuff. Generally considered to be "magic" and "beyond ma ken!"

Digital Subscriber Line

An intranet accessible from without a protected private network but not available to the great unwashed internet community.

Frequently Asked Questions; they are documents that list and answer the most common questions on a particular subject.

Internet Message Access Protocol

Pinky's favorite random word from the show Pinky and the Brain.

Doesn't stand for anything. Not a thing! It is an operating system developed by Ball Laboratories in the '60s.

An internet service that supplies information about a domain name or IP address.

Video Random Access Memory

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